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Safety Surfacing That Can Go Over Virtually Any Surface

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Rubber safety surfacing with Rhinoroc offers a top of the line high tech polymer resin with high quality rubber granules to develop a resilient, slip resistant surface that is virtually indestructible.

From pool decks to patios, walkways and more. There truly are very few places that Rhinoroc can’t go!



Rubber Surfacing

Rhinoroc can be tailored to fit any project, from Pool Decks, Patios, Walkways, Garage Floors & Much More!


Epoxy Surfacing

Can be tailored to fit any indoor project from Basements, Garages, Kitchens and gyms


Why Choose Rhinoroc Surfacing?

Slip resistant
Slip Resistent

Rhinoroc Surfacing is non-slip when wet and is perfect for any application surrounding water, such as swimming pools, splash pads or water parks.

Slip resistant
Easy Maintenance

Our rubber surface requires very low maintenance. Just one annual wash will keep your surface looking like brand new! Pressure washing is most commonly used with a mix of soap, any other special cleaners can be used for stubborn stains.

Slip resistant
UV Resistent

Rhinoroc offers a top of the line high tech polymer resin that is extremely resistant to the Ultra-Violet radiation produced by the sun. And our high-quality rubber granules are made with a EPDM based rubber.

Slip resistant
Variety of Colors

With a wide and versatile variety of colors to choose from, our rubber makes it possible for you to coordinate your house exterior or any other design elements you choose.

Slip resistant
Weather Resistent

Our surface is not affected by our cold Canadian winters. Rhinoroc is rubber which expands and contracts to accommodate temperature variations. No more resurfacing your cracks every couple of years!

Slip resistant

Our surface is very comfortable to walk on not only because it is rubber, but once cured the surface becomes porous which traps moisture and allows air flow, keeping your rubber surface cool for those hot summer days.

Slip resistant
Fast Installation

Installations are normally completed within one day. Curing time is dependant on the temperature however, most surfaces are ready to use within 24 to 48 hours.

Slip resistant
Troweled By Hand

Our professional installers will prepare your custom color mix on the job site the morning of your install. Every square foot is meticulously troweled in place by hand.

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