Commercial Applications

Tailored to fit any project, from Pool Decks to Playgrounds

Pool decks and splash pads

Our rubber safety surface perfect for any wet deck areas, such as swimming pools, wading pools and splash parks.

It is also skid-resistant when wet, much like your bath mat, which makes rubber surfacing perfect for wet deck applications. The surface is comfortable to walk on in bare feet, even on the hottest summer day.

Virtually maintenance free, keep your wet deck area looking beautiful with minimal maintenance. The surface is vandal resistant, chemical resistant and easy to take care of.

Playground Applications

Our rubber safety surface is versatile and can be installed to any depth requirements to meet all municipal, provincial and federal guidelines.

It is the right surface for day care, nursery, elementary schools or your own residential play area. Its soft and slip resistant surface make it the sure choice for children’s play areas.

With a wide variety of colors to choose from, we make it possible for you to create design elements.

Entrance Ways & Pathways

The perfect solution for entranceways.

Refurbish your existing entrance or pathway, add some design elements or even add your corporate logo. With a wide and versatile variety of colors to choose from, our rubber makes it possible for you to coordinate your house exterior or any other design elements you choose.

Logos & Designs

Why not incorporate your corporate logo into your rubber surface?

RhinoRoc is ideal for creating your logo or any other design element of your choosing. These can easily be incorporated into your project.

Interior Applications

Great for any indoor application:

Our rubber surface can also be applied indoors. Its soft, supple and slip resistant texture is a great choice for restaurants & bars, office spaces, entranceways and more.